Mandrel Kits:

 36 Piece ENGRAVED Sets
5 Piece Mini-Kit
36 Piece Unengraved Set
72 piece Complete Kit Section
36 Piece Faceted Gemstone Set
NEW! Economy Plastic Bench Set

The Jewelry Artist's 'Edge'

Tired of forming jewelry wire on slippery cabachons?

How about trying to form an oval on a ring mandrel?

Now you can form consistant, repeatable bezel shapes in seconds. Wire, plier, hammer or torch !

Bezel Form kits include up to 72 hand held aluminum mandrels, 5/8" inch thick, in the shapes and sizes of calibrated gemstones. They include: OVALS (8x10mm to 30x40mm), HEARTS and ROUNDS TRILLIANTS, EMERALD & SQUARE.(see column on 'sizes' ,lower left this page for the full listing) Kits comes in a tough industial grade plastic case with each mandrel nested in foam. Engraved kit mandrels are engraved with reference marks to enable binding/prong placement at a glance! Available in both Engraved and Unengraved kits (mark your own and save money.)

Professional? Increase production speed, reduce scrap!

Teacher? Increase student retention and class size! Forming the bezel on a gem girdle is when most students decide to GIVE UP ! (Increase the amount of students in follow up classes with mini-kits!)

Novice ? Eliminate frustration. LEARN THE ART

Hobbiest? Making money with your hobby is easier than ever with Bezel Form Mandrels!

THE TOOL THAT PAY'S FOR ITSELF Ideal for 'store bought' calibrated cab's, faceted gems or freeforms stones. Great with ALL STYLES of jewelry making. Wire, Pliers, Hammer or Torch !

I just want to say that the bezel forms are awesome. I use them for wirewrapping and for metalclay and they work really well. With metalclay, you really want to remove the clay when it's still a little maleable and not completely dry (the clay can shrink a little while drying). Eni Oken