Designed by a wire artist for wire artists. Great for any type of metalsmithing.

When I started learning wire wrap, I almost quit.

As a cabber, I didn't care for the 'store bought' settings. After trying to wire wrap, I decided I didn't really care for that either. (I still haven't found the oval part of my ring mandrel) I just couldn't seem to get the hang of forming the wire on a domed cab. After some thought, I came up with this method of shaping the wire.

Soon I was getting compliments on my work at shows from professional wire artists. Things like "We see a lot of stuff, but yours is really good" and "Just do me a favor and don't set up next to me"

It happened again last year on vacation. During the drive home I started suspecting that the real 'talent' I had may have been due to the mandrels I use!


In doing my research for the patent I also realized how many wire artists are folks just struggling to make ends meet. A quick visit to Preston Ruther's website ( with all its great testimonials convinced me of that. I know these tools can help you turn a profit by making your jewelry 'proven sellers'. I really like that aspect of this project too.

I have used every effort to keep prices as low as I possibly could. I envisioned a lower price but quickly realized that was not possible. Most quotes were in the $185.00/set range (my cost) and that was just for the mandrels and not the packaging, booklet and engraving.

The result that I have achieved is a quality product, at the best price, that I am proud to put into your hands.

I spoke to a jeweler who participated in evaluating the prototypes today. I am positive that you will echo her sentiments (and mine too) when you use these tools. She said:

"I can't imagine trying to wire wrap without my templates"

Rick Swartzwelder Amherst, Virginia

"God has given you a gift, remember to glorify Him with it"

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Frequently Asked Questions:

Is there a warranty?

Yes. All kits are warranted against any manufacturing defects.

How do I use wire wrap templates?

Instructions are posted on this website in .PDF format. Each BezelForm kit includes a reference card. Actually, they are pretty intuitive for anyone who has had even limited wire wrap experience.

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