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Tips & Tricks
When forming the bail, add 1 wire's width to the 'top of stone' mark on your wire (see picture) This compensates for the change adding the binding wires made to the original measurement.

All the larger rounds in the Bezel Form kit are really the sizes of U.S. coins. ($25.00 state quarter anyone?)

For uncalibrated ovals and rounds, pick the next size smaller mandrel to form the top shoulders with.

Use the heart shaped mandrels to get a 'universal curve' for freeforms.

How to mark you Basic Bezel Form Kit

1. Follow the instructions in the booklet for measuring your stone but measure the mandrel instead.

2. Once you’ve marked ‘top of stone’ on the tape, remove it from the mandrel and fold it in half holding the marks together.

3. Bring the bottom up to the ‘top of stone’ mark and crease the tape, making folds at ‘quarters’.

4. Fold the tape again so you now have creases at ‘eights’.

5. Mark the folds on the tape and wrap it around the mandrel again.

6. Check the marks on the tape and make sure they look correct against the mandrel.

7. Transfer the marks onto the mandrel using your Sharpie ™ brand pen.